about anyA

Coming Soon!

Completed January 2019. Festivals and hosted screenings starting 2019. On demand starting 2020.


ANYA is a grounded sci-fi love story set in contemporary New York City about a couple and the geneticist who tries to help them have a baby… no matter the cost.

The story is fictional. The underlying anthropology and genetics are real.

The Science & Fiction of ANYA

We worked closely with geneticists from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Ting Wu and Dr. Ruth McCole, and filmed in Dr. Andreas Pfenning’s genetics research lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

A Taylor/Okada Film
by First Encounter Productions

ANYA is the first narrative feature by documentarian Jacob Okada and anthropologist Carylanna Taylor, PhD. Through their company, First Encounter Productions, Carylanna and Jacob are committed to creating compelling stories with complex characters informed by anthropology, science, and current events.